Wedding Highlights – Italian Garden Party

October 12, 2016

In June of this year we were able to take part in a wedding that was full of personality. Our client knew what she wanted from the start – peonies and bright pinks and yellows to match her playful and artistic tablecloths. The wedding took place in the client’s own backyard, with Olio‘s Ben Poremba and crew taking catering to another level of excellence.

A week before the event, I met with our client, and noticed she didn’t seem too nervous. She said she wasn’t, but her mom was about to arrive from Italy and she might get nervous after her arrival. The day of the wedding was a joy to see – family running around the house, good food smells from the kitchen, and a perfect day outdoors. The party favors included small bowls handcrafted in Italy.

To help welcome guests into the home, we arranged a spray of flowers inside the front hall stairway, and added floral elements to their two fireplace mantles. It was a lot of fun to see La Patisserie Choquette‘s Simone Fauré work magic with the flowers and herbs we provided for their cake. Outdoors, we used our blue ball jars and other fun glassware from the Heirloom Room for the bright flowers and large peonies used in the arrangements. Our large cement urn was used for a floral display to draw attention to the ceremony’s location. We also scattered zinc pots of herbs and hydrangea plants throughout the yard, to be planted after the wedding was over.

We had so much fun helping our client and her family enjoy the celebration the way she envisioned. Chin chin!