Our Big Announcement!

June 12, 2018

You might remember in our last newsletter, we teased that we had a big announcement coming up. Well, the time has come!

We have a real, live, business location!

After working out of my home studio (which has been both the garage and the basement), we found a place we just couldn’t pass up. We’ll be sharing more news on the space in the next few months including when we’re having an Open House. I’m so excited to show you the space and invite you to swing by for flowers. (Oh yes, we will have retail hours.)

But for now, we want to play a little “guess the spot” game on Instagram. Make sure you follow us on Instagram, or just take a peek at our Instagram profile online to participate. We’ll give 3 clues in the next week to help you figure out where our new spot is. Take a guess (or a very educated guess), and direct message us on Instagram or here. Up to 5 people who guess correctly will win a flower arrangement delivered to the recipient of their choice (including yourself, of course).

Seriously. So excited. (!!!)

P.S.- It’s not this post’s photo. 😉