Flowers are not essential

March 25, 2020

Flowers are not essential. Wait, let me rephrase that. Cut flowers are not essential to our current physical health needs at this time. There. That feels better.

City House Country Mouse has decided to proactively close at this time. We are not currently taking orders for pick up, delivery, or holding retail hours at our studio. We do not feel we can 100% protect ourselves, our farmers and wholesalers, and our flower recipients at this time. Wedding consultations are available via video or phone appointment.

That said, I request something for you to consider: Only order tangible items that are ESSENTIAL to survival at this time. Even with “contactless” delivery or shipping of any physical item, someone still has to get it to you. They have to touch car door handles and purchase gasoline. They have to go to work at a shipping or postal center, maybe working longer hours to fulfill people’s “needs” because their place of employment is deemed essential. It’s possible that any of these people – who may be scared for their life, immunocompromised, or have family to take care of – have come into contact with someone that has COVID-19, or that anyone might be carrying the virus without any symptoms.

Please consider this when you are shopping to receive any tangible item and someone tries to convince you that purchasing their tangible item is safe and contactless.

As spring grows green, we look forward to sharing our garden and flower photos via our Instagram account. We are here with you. <3

Photo by Jess and Jenn Photography.