Garden Installations

May 30, 2014

A lot of the fun of gardening is getting creative. When spring comes around, we are so ready to hit the garden shops and get greedy with colors. But the cost adds up quick and it can be both time and labor-intensive to put it all together!

City House Country Mouse can help you from the very start all the way to garden installation and maintenance. Or somewhere in between! We can work with you on a garden plan that fits your budget, and introduce you to options for your yard that may not have been available at your usual garden shop. And if we can grow or buy from a local source, we do. (We even grow some veggies, herbs and flowers from seed ourselves. If available, you can trust that these are organically grown, non-GMO and usually heirloom varieties.)

If you’re looking for native landscaping, erosion control, have a shade-only yard…this is just some of the stuff that gets us excited. Contact us to start the conversation!